Alex in the Media

IBM Qiskit Camp

26/Feb/2019, IBM Thomas J. Watson Center, Yorktown Heights, NY

I spoke about our work, Bayesian deep learning on a quantum computer (arXiv, journal), which had been runner-up in the IBM-Q Best Paper Awards.

BBC News Mundo

I was interviewed regarding the quantum race between China and the United States. The result can be found here (in Spanish). Part of that interview was also employed in another article (in Spanish) by BBC News Mundo about quantum computational advantage.

Gizmodo en Español

I was asked by journalist Vanesa Pérez to try to explain quantum computing in simple terms. The result can be found here (in Spanish).

RQI-North 2016

22/Jun/2016, Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo

As a contribution to the RQI-North 2016 conference, I spoke about our works on entanglement harvesting from the quantum vacuum. I outlined results we had obtained in harvesting from the vacuum of both scalar (arXiv, journal) and electromagnetic (arXiv, journal) quantum fields.