Alex in the Media

IBM Qiskit Camp

26/Feb/2019, IBM Thomas J. Watson Center, Yorktown Heights, NY

I spoke about our work, Bayesian deep learning on a quantum computer (arXiv, journal), which had been runner-up in the IBM-Q Best Paper Awards.

BBC News Mundo

I was interviewed regarding the quantum race between China and the United States. The result can be found here (in Spanish).

Gizmodo en Español

I was asked by journalist Vanesa Pérez to try to explain quantum computing in simple terms. The result can be found here (in Spanish).

RQI-North 2016

22/Jun/2016, Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo

As a contribution to the RQI-North 2016 conference, I spoke about our works on entanglement harvesting from the quantum vacuum. I outlined results we had obtained in harvesting from the vacuum of both scalar (arXiv, journal) and electromagnetic (arXiv, journal) quantum fields.